How to Enhance Organizational Accountability in 6 Months

Posted by Susan Cullen on April 2, 2009

How to Enhance Organizational Accountability and Improve Your Bottom LineHow to Enhance Organizational Accountabity...and Improve Your Bottom Line!
Achieve Sustainable Business Results in Accelerated Time Frames

In times of economic turmoil, organizations are looking for ways to enhance sales productivity, decrease operating costs and grow their bottom line. They are also looking to enhance employee accountability, morale and engagement, even in the midst of downsizing and economic uncertainty.

This webinar is designed to provide practical advice for managers and leaders charged with the responsibility of spearheading organizational survival. We will provide thoughtful suggestions to help you “connect the dots” and answer the following questions:

  • Where are the missing links to high performance in my organization?
  • How can I better anticipate and respond to key challenges facing us now?
  • What are the root causes preventing performance improvement?
  • How can I build a more accountable culture?

Who Should Attend: Key Department Heads and Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers of Learning, Training, Organizational Development, Talent Development and Personnel. This program is designed to help decision makers assess the implementation of this program in their organization. There is no fee for this Executive Briefing to qualified registrants.

SPEAKER: Mark Samuel, President of IMPAQ

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Today's economy presents unique challenges to your sales force who are on the front line, constantly dealing with skeptical or disinterested buyers who are frequently trying to beat them down on price. View our recorded webinar on "How to Create a Results-Driven, Accountable Sales Force," to help you face these challenges.

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Topics: Employee Development


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