Email Etiquette Tips - Part 2

Posted by Susan Cullen on September 1, 2010

Email Etiquette TipsThis is the second part of our article on “Email Etiquette”.  With all of the emails we receive these days here are a few tips on the does and don’ts of email etiquette.

Below find tips to help you use email more effectively.

  1. When you reply to an email, make sure to reply from the email sent, as opposed to creating a new email.  Click "Reply" or "Forward" instead of "New Mail".

  2. When responding to an email that has a list of questions, you can answer them immediately following the question, in a different color, to make it easier for the recipient to read your responses.

  3. Try to answer all emails within at least 24 hours, preferably within the same working day if possible.

  4. Carbon copy only people who need to receive the email.

  5. "Reply to All" when you need the original email sent to everyone who received it the first time.  Avoid using this when it isn't necessary.

  6. Make your subject lines direct, to the point and meaningful or people may delete your email.

  7. When making points in an email, number them or mark them as a separate bullet point.  Try to keep your line length at 70-80 characters or less.

  8. Stick with basic fonts at work, as opposed to unusual ones.

  9. Don't send large attachements.  If it is a large file, consider compressing it with a utility like WinZip, 7-Zip, StuffIt, or Bzip2.  Make sure to tell the recipient the format of the attachment if it is other than a Microsoft Office file.  They must have the same software you used to be able to read it.

  10. If you are sending an HTML document, some recipients may be unable to see it in this format.  Instead, they may receive it as a plain text email.

  11. Use the High Priority Optioin only when it is necessary.  If used too much then people start to ignore the importance of it. If it's really important, it's always best to call the recipient and let them know you are sending something important and need a reply immediately.

  12. Avoid using Urgent aqnd Important in the subject line.  This is the same as the High Priority option.  If you call wolf too often, people will tend to ignore you.

  13. To maintain confidentiality when sending email to a group of people, type each recipient's email in the Blind Carbon Copy (bcc) field.  This will avoid publicizing someone else's email address without their permission.

  14. In ending your email, it is important to list your contact information so the recipient can contact you directly if desired.

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