What are DiSC Behavioral Styles?

Posted by Susan Cullen on March 18, 2011

What are DISC Behavioral Styles?We each think, act and are motivated in unique ways.  One approach that worked excellently with one person may yield a different response from someone else.  The DISC model for understanding behavioral styles is a thoroughly researched system for understanding human behavior.  It is called DISC because of the first letter of each of the four styles:

  • "D" (Dominance)
    This style if fast-paced, direct, makes quick decisions and is very task-oriented.  The goal of the "D" behavioral style is to get results.

  • "I" (Influence)
    This style is fast-paced, enthusiastic, optimistic and people-oriented.  The goal of the "I" behavioral style is to experience positive interactions with other people.

  • "S" (Steadiness)
    This style is people-oriented, dependable, patient and more moderate in pace.  The goal of the "S" behavioral style is harmony and consistency.

  • "C" (Conscientious)
    This style is task-oriented, focused on details and moderate in pace.  The goal of the "C" behavioral style is to produce accurate and quality work.

There is no right or wrong style; in fact, we all can use each of these in different situations.  However, we prefer to use one or two most frequently.  There are 15 combination patterns of these four styles which can provide you with a more complete reflection of your behavioral style tendencies.

Key Take-Away
The ability to understand your own behavioral style tendencies and recognize those of the people around you can significantly improve your relationships.  You will find as a result that you are able to better understand your manager, co-workers and clients.  It can also help you build stronger personal relationships with those people most important to you.

For More Information
Download our FREE whitepaper on "The Winning Edge:  Hidden DISCoveries That Set You Apart". This will provide you with additional information to understand your behavioral style and that of others to communicate better.

The Winning Edge: Hidden DISCoveries That Set You Apart


In what situations would DiSC behavioral style knowledge benefit you the most?  Please submit your comments and/or questions below and I will respond with suggestions.

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