Create Trust by Addressing 3 Unspoken Questions

Posted by Susan Cullen on March 28, 2011

Create Trust by Addressing 3 Unspoken Questions Even if you are not a professional "sales person", you are always selling your ideas and suggestions to team members and other colleagues.  What many people may not realize, however, is that other people are silently asking themselves 3 questions about you.  This is especially true if they don't know you very well.

The 3 questions they are asking themselves are:

  1. Can I trust you?
  2. Do you care about me?
  3. Do you have my best interests at heart?

The most critical thing you can do is position your recommendation so they can see how it benefits their own needs.  Emphasize how your suggestions will help them accomplish what they what.  Let them know you are available to assist with any questions or additional needs that may arise.  Show that you are sincere and really do have their best interests at heart.  If you are a manager responsible for developing your staff, this will also help you establish further credibility with those you are leading.

This sounds like it should be commonsense, and yet many people make the mistake of jumping in and just talking about their suggestions without ever identifying what is important from other people's perspectives.  This sends a silent message that you really don't understand their needs, don't care about those needs and therefore can't have their best interests at heart.  As soon as you give them that impression, your idea isn't appealing, you've lost credibility and trust is harder to obtain.

Key Point
You demonstrate you are trustworthy only when you demonstrate to other people that you really do care and do have their best interests at heart.

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What other ways can you create trust with those around you?  Please share your comments below.


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