5 Deadly Sins of Bad Meetings

Posted by Susan Cullen on March 2, 2018

7 Deadly Sins of Bad MeetingsDo you feel frustrated because your meetings are a waste of time?  Does it ever feel that nothing gets accomplished and you are spinning your wheels?  There are 5 symptoms of bad meetings that can really impact your team.  They are:

  • No clear purpose or objective.  You can recognize this symptom when the purpose of the meeting hasn't been stated upfront and your team just starts the meeting without identifying what your objective is.  Without a goal in mind for what you want your meeting to accomplish, you are much less likely to accomplish what you need.

  • Lack of an agenda.  When an agenda doesn't exist, or isn't followed, there's no way to know where your meeting is going or what it is going to address.

  • Lack of control leading to chaos.  This occurs when the meeting leader is not able to keep the meeting on track.  As a result, meeting participants can ramble on and lose focus.  This can waste too much time.

  • No decisions are reached.  If you don't push for closure, people can debate something for way too long.  Remember that not making a decision IS a decision.

  • No actions items and accountability identified.  One of the biggest mistakes many teams make is not reviewing the actions that need to be taken next.  It is important to clarify who is to do what and by when.  This should be done at the end of every meeting.

Make sure your meetings don't include any of these deadly sins.  If they do, your meetings will waste alot of time, not accomplish very much and the participants will dread them.  If you are a meeting leader, everything you learn to help you run a meeting is a step in the right direction.

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