Understanding Behavioral Styles - Conscientiousness Style

Posted by Susan Cullen on June 20, 2012

Conscientious StylesThe "C" or "Conscientiousness" style is the fourth and last style in the DiSC behavioral style model.  The Conscientiousness Style focuses on the "Right" or "Correct" way.  They want others to minimize socializing, give details and value accuracy.  They tend to be slower paced and task-oriented.  They are concerned about doing the job right and will pay a lot of attention to make sure it is.  Here are the characteristics of this style:


  • Wants specific criteria for performance
  • Likes accuracy
  • Likes setting and meeting high standards
  • Wants opportunities to analyze and assess
  • Likes logical, systematic approaches to work


  • Unjustified personal criticism
  • Criticism of what he/she has done
  • Changes and surprises that may affect his/her performance
  • Spontaneous displays of feelings
  • Situations that require taking about his/her personal life

To Be More Effective

  • Develop more comfort with emotionally charged situations
  • Determine potential payoff before investing time analyzing a task
  • Learn to value informal interactions with others
  • Adjust his/her standards to the needs of the environment
  • Practice confronting directly rather than making indirect comments


  • Analysis
  • Criticism of performance - both of self and others
  • Defensiveness when questioned about his/her performance
  • Logical approaches to peple and situations

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