Understanding DiSC Personality Styles

Posted by Susan Cullen on March 4, 2016

everything_disc_management_map.jpgThe term "DiSC" refers to the first letter of each of the 4 personality styles as follows: 

  • Dominance (D)
  • Influence (I)
  • Steadiness (S) and
  • Conscientiousness (C)

Please find listed below the priorities, motivations, fears and limitations of each style. 


Priorities: getting immediate results, taking action, challenging self and others

Motivated by: power and authority, competition, winning, success

Fears: loss of control, being taken advantage of, vulnerability

You will notice: self-confidence, directness, forcefulness, risk-taking

Limitations: lack of concern for others, impatience, insensitivity


Priorities: expressing enthusiasm, taking action, encouraging collaboration

Motivated by: social recognition, group activities, friendly relationships

Fears: social rejection, disapproval, loss of influence, being ignored

You will notice: charm, enthusiasm, sociability, optimism, talkativeness

Limitations: impulsiveness, disorganization, lack of follow-through


Priorities: giving support, maintaining stability, enjoying collaboration

Motivated by: stable environments, sincere appreciation, cooperation, opportunities to help

Fears: loss of stability, change, loss of harmony, offending others

You will notice: patience, team player, calm approach, good listener, humility

Limitations: overly accommodating, tendency to avoid change, indecisiveness


Priorities: ensuring accuracy, maintaining stability, challenging assumptions

Motivated by: opportunities to use expertise or gain knowledge, attention to quality

Fears: criticism, sloppy methods, being wrong

You will notice: precision, analysis, skepticism, reserve, quiet

Limitations: overly critical, tendency to overanalyze, isolates self



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