Five Levels of Delegation

Posted by Susan Cullen on November 26, 2013

Five Levels of DelegationWhen you are in a leadership position it is very important to learn how to delegate to others. It isn't always easy or you may not be willing to give up some of your responsibilities.  However, it is mandatory in order to achieve your own goals while also developing your staff.   Below please find 5 levels of delegation.  The level you choose will depend on the willingness and ability of the employee:

Level 1 -               This is how I want you to do it. Check with me if you need to change anything. Let me know when it's done.
Level 2 -      Here are a few ideas. Let me see your plan before it's done.
Level 3 -      Let me review final draft. Let me know when it's done.
Level 4 -      Let me know when it's done. Advise me on anticipated problems and further follow-through.
Level 5 -      Advise only if you anticipate problems or if I am needed for further follow-through.

In each level you will want to explain:

  • What needs to be done and when it needs to be done.
  • How the final step will be handled/communicated (via e-mail, hand-delivery, regular mail, fax...)
  • Who will handle the final step (you, the delegated person or someone else)?

Before delegating to an employee you must first sit down and write out your action steps regarding what you want done. Here are five action steps to help you in this process:

  1. Prepare before approaching an employee by identifying what you want to accomplish, the results you expect and determining who could best do it.
  2. Meet the employee to review the objectives of the work you are delegating. Define how much authority is granted to the employee for completing the objective.
  3. Devise a plan for completing the objective, or ask your employee to devise one.
  4. Set a follow-up date for reviewing the employee's progress.
  5. Express your appreciation.
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