4 Indicators That it’s Time to Provide Leadership Training

Posted by Susan Cullen on February 27, 2018

4 Indicators That it’s Time to Provide Leadership TrainingAs a business professional, you may be under the impression that your business is running like a “well-oiled machine” and supervisors are up to par on everything they need to effectively manage team members. On the flip-side, many people in a leadership position also know that it takes a special skillset to lead others effectively.  Most new managers actually feel very ill-equipped in their role as a new supervisor. Aside from these managers and supervisors stepping forward to request further training, there may be other telling factors within your company that indicate that it is time to consider options for advanced fundamental leadership training. Here are a few:

  1. Organizational development is Sliding: Lacking organizational development is similar to buying the latest "how-to" book but never cracking the cover. Your leadership team could have amazing tools and resources at their disposal, but without clear-cut knowledge and “people skills” to lead their team, they can’t be effective.  As a CEO, if you are feeling like you’ve “lead your horse to water…but they are not drinking” it could be a strong indication of a disconnect between possessing tools and resources, but not being able to use them to inspire or lead a team.
  2. Turnover and Hiring is Getting Expensive: It’s no secret that hiring and training new team members and managers is expensive. Before a new employee ever clocks in, Investopedia estimates he or she will have already cost you about $3,500 in recruitment-related costs like job postings, interview processes, background checks and much more.

    Those expenses along with the time and effort for orientation, workplace integration and even the learning curves could be costing your company a substantial amount of cash. Several factors come into play with this scenario; all of which can be minimized by providing effective leadership training. Managers must focus on retaining key employees, but also use behavioral interviewing skills to hire the right person in the first place.  It’s also a well-known fact that the skill of the interviewer dramatically impacts the organization’s ability to attract the most qualified candidate to a job position.  Teach your leaders the behavioral interviewing skills they need as part of your targeted leadership training programs.
  3. Policies, Procedures and Initiatives are being Ignored or are Non-Existent: Support, and adherence to the guidelines, along with overall company respect and pride, are not traits that magically happen within the four walls of a business. Once these important facets of your work culture go missing or begin to slide, they are very hard to re-instate. This lack of effective and authoritative guidance could then lead to general feelings of ambivalence amongst team members, leaving negative repercussions in its wake.  To generate greater support among staff for new policies, procedures and initiatives, leaders trained with fundamental leadership skills are able to encourage a greater sense of responsibility and accountability among staff members, encourage a participative leadership approach that coaches each employee to higher levels of productivity and incorporate an effective performance management process using the skills, expertise and authority that a well-trained leader possesses.
  4. RAMs Are Becoming Commonplace: Online trainer and guru Pam Moore coined the phrase Random Acts of Marketing (RAMs) to describe a sales or marketing team that tends to spontaneously veer off the beaten path to “try new things” or “give this a whirl.” RAMs can be a clear indication that a team feels unguided and needs to resort to their own methods and ideas to achieve success instead of a carefully thought out plan of action. Though RAMs may have a time and place, they typically tend to eat up productivity, time and resources and rarely produce any sort of measureable ROI. Business owners who are noticing RAMs spreading like a virus need to train and empower their leaders to stay committed to the planning phase and direct staff to do the same. Those lacking leadership tools and training may have a difficult time redirecting their team and keeping them on track.

If any of these indicators are ringing true for you, check out the tips in our whitepaper called “Three Essential Skills Every Manager Needs to Know”.

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