Why Developing the Practice of Gratitude is Important in the Workplace

Posted by Susan Cullen on April 24, 2019

Why Developing the Practice of Gratitude is So Important in the Workplace - NexaLearningYour team is an essential part of your business's success, which is why your team's performance is critical. Sometimes a business doesn't perform as expected, and often times it's due to the team's performance levels. What many business owners may not realize is that their team may not be performing at an optimal level due to one main thing: a lack of gratitude within the workplace. Showing gratitude is a small action that packs a huge impact in the best way possible. All businesses should be developing a practice of gratitude in the workplace and here's why.

The Importance of Gratitude

Most business owners are focused on the bigger picture; usually, things such as revenue, customers, and internal business processes are a top priority. While all of those things are important, developing the practice of gratitude is just as important, especially when it comes to cultivating an effective team. 

Showing gratitude is part of positive psychology, which is something that is crucial in the workplace. This is especially the case in high-stress jobs. With just a little gratitude, your team members will feel less stressed and burnt out. Additionally, team members will feel a sense of job security as they believe they are a valuable member of the team. This will also improve your team members' mood, helping them to come into work and perform at their best.

It's important that businesses understand that their team needs a little motivation if they expect to have a conducive work environment. Yes, they were hired to perform a job. However, performing a job without any appreciation can be discouraging. When individuals are discouraged, they are unable to perform to the best of their abilities, which will have a negative impact on the organization as a whole. Business owners need to cultivate a positive environment where each team member can grow. With that said, showing gratitude will improve their confidence, show that you care about your team, and help you mold dedicated workers. 

When your team members know that they are doing a good job and that they are appreciated for it, they will continue to push their best efforts, knowing that they are not only on excelling at their job role but that they are recognized for their efforts and contributions to the organization. Ultimately, this will provide a positive working environment that is necessary for success and help business owners develop a better working relationship with their team. Good relationships are important within the workplace because everyone will be more collaborative, more willing to communicate, boost morale, and will ultimately help businesses achieve success by ensuring everyone is effectively working towards one common goal.

5 Ways to Show Gratitude in the Workplace

1. An Employee of the Month

Many businesses have already established a routine of "employee of the month". However, you can take it a step further by taking the time to express why they are the employee of the month. You don't have to say a lot for it to be effective either. Just by recognizing them and that you are grateful for their service will certainly make a difference. This is also great because it exemplifies what is expected of the team and gives them something to aspire to.

2. Thank You Cards

Something as simple as a thank you card is a great way to show gratitude to your team. If there is someone who is doing exceptionally well, a hand-written card showing them gratitude will certainly show them that you recognize their hard work and that you appreciate their contributions to the company. Thank you cards are great because it gives you a chance to personalize them, which will have a much larger impact.

3. Gift Cards

Everyone loves gift cards, and it's certainly a great way to show your team members gratitude. If you want to go an extra mile for your team, occasionally giving gift cards to team members that are deserving will be greatly appreciated. 

Sometimes some extrinsic motivation is needed to keep your team pushing, and gift cards are an effective way to do this. You don't have to spend a lot of money either, a $10 gift card to Starbucks or maybe a gas card will do the trick.

4. Show Gratitude Through New Roles 

If you have team members that are doing a great job, then it makes sense to show your gratitude through new leadership roles. Your team members are working for your organization, but they also want to see growth within their career. Having the opportunity to take on new roles within the organization will not only keep their job exciting, but it will bring them fulfillment and encourage them to continue to do well so that they can climb up the ladder.

For employees that are excelling, thank them by allowing them a new role that will motivate them and make them feel good about the work they are doing at your company. Even small roles such as leading a project or getting the opportunity to communicate ideas for the business is a great way to give your team members a sense of purpose.

5. Highlight an Employee During Meetings

Another great way to show gratitude is to highlight an employee or employees during regular meetings. This is a great time to show your gratitude as your entire team will be together, allowing them to also celebrate in your employee's achievements. Your team member will feel appreciated, encouraged, and motivated to continue to do good work when they know they are being recognized. Additionally, this will push other team members to perform to the best of their abilities once they know they will be recognized for it. 

Reinforcing gratitude within the workplace creates a healthy, positive work environment that will boost productivity. Your team members work hard on behalf of your business and they want to know that they are making a difference. The great thing about showing gratitude is that it is a small act that goes a long way within the workplace. All businesses should focus on developing the practice of gratitude as the results will prove successful. 

At NexaLearning, we develop workplace excellence. If you want to know more about how to show gratitude within your workplace or want to know more about how we can help your business, contact us today. 

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