Working With Diverse Behavioral Styles

We each think, act and are motivated in unique ways. This program utilizes the DiSC® model for understanding behavioral styles to help participants understand themselves, effectively read the needs of others, and adapt their approach to be most effective with co-workers.

Our online instructor-led Working With Diverse Behavioral Styles program requires minimum time away from one’s office duties. The individualized Personal Profile Report helps each participant identify their own behavioral style and create an Action Plan for enhancing relationships with others. The reinforcement module enhances ongoing behavior change.

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Program Length: This is an on-line instructor-led program consisting of prework, and 2 on-line sessions scheduled at least 21 days apart

Major Topics:
  • How we develop behavioral style tendencies
  • Characteristics of each of the 4 behavioral styles, and the combination patterns
  • Why each style is needed for increased productivity
  • What to value in the diverse behavioral tendencies of others
  • How each style wants others to work with them
  • What to emphasize and what to avoid when working with each style
  • Action Planning for leveraging one’s strengths and development opportunities
Benefits To The Organization:
  • Create a more motivational climate
  • Enhance cooperation among all employees
  • Ease interpersonal frustration and conflict
  • Create a culture of acceptance around diverse interpersonal styles
Benefits To The Individual:
  • Recognize behavioral style strengths and development needs
  • Learn to identify the behavioral styles of others
  • Learn the motivators and demotivators of each behavioral style
  • Recognize methods for adapting one’s approach to facilitate harmonious relationships
  • Learn a better, simpler model to understand the complexity of human behavior
About the Personal Profile Report®:

This program utilizes a DiSC® Personal Profile Report to help each participant identify his or her own behavioral style tendencies.

Working With Diverse Behavioral Styles Program Process:

Prework: Personal Profile Report®

Completion of the online Personal Profile®, and receive report. This instrument helps participants identify their own behavioral style strengths and development needs. The four styles are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

Session 1: Understanding Behavioral Styles

Time: 90 Minute On-Line Instructor-Led Session

This session address the characteristics of the 4 behavioral styles and why each style is needed for effective teamwork. Techniques for identifying and adapting to the needs of each style are provided. At the end of the session, each participant creates an Action Plan for working with other employees more effectively.

Session 2: Reinforcement Session, held at least 21 days after Session 1

Time: 60 Minute On-Line Instructor-Led Session

This session is designed to serve as a reinforcement vehicle for the participants in the program. During this time, participants discuss the successes and challenges they experienced when implementing their Action Plan. Suggestions are provided for enhancing their skills and making an ongoing commitment to People Literacy.