Effective Listening

Good communication is one of the most valued skills in the workplace. It is estimated that people screen out or change the intended purpose of what they hear in over 70 percent of all communications. The biggest factor contributing to such miscommunications is our listening approach. Behavioral research shows that people listen with a preferred listening approach, such as: Appreciative, Empathic, Comprehensive, Discerning, or Evaluative. This program enables each participant to identify his or her own preferred listening approach, and develop more effective strategies to improve overall communications. 

The Effective Listening course is available in the following formats:

  1. Traditional Instructor-Led Classroom. This course can be customized for your organization and delivered by a facilitator to employees at your location. 

  2. Live Online Course.  This course is delivered by a facilitator over the internet.  It is highly interactive and ideal for geographically dispersed participant groups.


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