Effective Listening

Good communication is one of the most valued skills in the workplace. It is estimated that people screen out or change the intended purpose of what they hear in over 70 percent of all communications. The biggest factor contributing to such miscommunications is our listening approach. Behavioral research shows that people listen with a preferred listening approach, such as: Appreciative, Empathic, Comprehensive, Discerning, or Evaluative. This program enables each participant to identify his or her own preferred listening approach, and develop more effective strategies to improve overall communications.

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Program Length: Half Day

Major Topics:

  • Listening vs. Hearing
  • Communication Filters
  • Primary Factors in Listening Approaches
  • Six Essential Communication Skills
  • Listening Flexibility

This program utilizes the Personal Listening Profile® to give insight into different listening approaches to improve the effectiveness of communication.

Benefits To The Organization:
  • Enhance individual and team performance
  • Foster considerate, collaborative and effective work styles
  • Encourage specific strategies employees can use to minimize or avoid miscommunication
  • Overcome listening barriers and reduce conflict
Benefits To The Individual:
  • Discover your preferred listening approach
  • Understand the focus, motivation and behavioral indicators of the five listening approaches
  • Appreciate the value of different listening approaches in various environments
  • Learn how to gather information that is more thorough and complete
  • Learn how to make decisions and draw conclusions that are processed more critically
  • Learn how to organize information and listen for core meanings in the message

Other Course Delivery Options

This course is also available in a Live Online Course format.