Working Through Organizational Change

Changes in people, processes and procedures are constant and inevitable – it’s one of the few things in life we can count on. Working through Organizational Change enables participants to learn and practice specific actions that will help them deal more effectively with change in the workplace. Through the use of assessments, activities, discussion exercises, and simulations, this action-packed workshop covers all aspects of change.

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Program Length: 1 Day

Major Topics:

  • Types of changes at work today
  • The constancy of change
  • 3 initial approaches to change
  • The speed of change
  • Phases we pass through to accept change
  • Actions for dealing with change in the workplace
Benefits To The Organization:
  • Build greater support for change initiatives
  • Help employees experience less inner turmoil in the midst of change
  • Encourage staff to effectively respond to future changes
  • Identify key actions to take to manage change effectively
Benefits To The Individual:
  • Pinpoint their personal response to change
  • Understand resistance to change is an expected, temporary phase
  • Understand how change can create stress in any work environment
  • Learn the four phases one must pass through to successfully handle change
  • Identify 12 actions that help to regain a sense of control