Working With Diverse Behavioral Styles

We each think, act and are motivated in unique ways. One approach that worked excellently with one person may yield a different response from someone else. This program utilizes the DiSC® model for understanding behavioral styles to help participants understand themselves, effectively read the needs of others, and adapt their approach to be most effective with co-workers.

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Program Length: Half Day

Major Topics:

  • How we develop behavioral style tendencies
  • Characteristics of each of the 4 behavioral styles, and the combination patterns
  • Why each style is needed for increased productivity
  • What to value in the diverse behavioral tendencies of others
  • How each style wants others to work with them
  • What to emphasize and what to avoid when working with each style
  • Action Planning for leveraging one’s strengths and development opportunities
Benefits To The Organization:
  • Create a more motivational climate
  • Enhance cooperation among all employees
  • Ease interpersonal frustration and conflict
  • Create a culture of acceptance around diverse interpersonal styles
Benefits To The Individual:
  • Recognize their own behavioral style strengths and development needs
  • Learn to identify the behavioral styles of others
  • Learn the motivators and demotivators of each behavioral style
  • Recognize methods for adapting one’s approach to facilitate harmonious relationships
  • Learn a better, simpler model to understand the complexity of human behavior

This program utilizes a Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile to help each participant identify his or her own behavioral style tendencies.

Other Course Delivery Options

This course is also available in a Live Online Course format.