Online Instructor-Led Training and Development Courses

Quantum Learning Solutions was an early adopter of "blended learning".   Many of our traditional classroom based courses are now available in a live online instructor-led training format.  The programs can be delivered in short 60-90 minute segments over time, with a great deal of emphasis on application between sessions and reinforcement.  This creates a learning "process" that not only saves your money, but also enhances learner accountability for on-the-job application of the concepts addressed in the program.

Here are the advantages of our online Instructor-Led Training and Development courses…

  • Short and convenient 60-90 minute modules , spread out over time, so that you have an opportunity to Practice and Implement the concepts discussed between sessions. Research shows this approach yields higher results and retention in the long run.

  • We bring the training to you, from the comfort of your office desk-top computer through our Live, Interactive, Online Instructor-Led programs. The only technology you need is access to the internet and a telephone line. It’s easy!

  • The high level of interactive, engaging content is guaranteed to make the learning experience fun and interesting so you’ll look forward to improving your skills and productivity.

  • Our on-line self-assessment tools provide key insight into your personal strengths and development needs.

  • Our Action Planning process is tailored to YOUR specific needs. Our training and development sessions will provide you with a targeted action plan for getting the results you desire.

  • Our reinforcement modules help us track your progress and assist you as needed over time.

In short, you get better RESULTS, with LESS TIME away from the Office, and with LESS COST.