This on-demand program is designed to be delivered in increments over a 5-week process. It will help you gain leadership skills easily, quickly and effectively by addressing the most fundamental skills needed to lead your work force to new heights.


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Why Would You Want to Provide Parts of Your Leadership Program in a Virtual Environment

Learning is Most Effective When It is a Process, Not an Event.
Virtual learning can easily be scheduled in smaller segments spread out over time.

On the Job Application Increases When Managers Implement their Action Plans between Sessions.
It's not what happens during the class, it's how well it's implemented that counts. Virtual learning provides ample opportunities to implement learning concepts back on the job and to discuss lessons learned between class sessions.

Managers are Time Challenged and they Prefer Learning in Shorter Time Frames.
Your managers are busy. They want to learn, but they don't want it to keep them from getting their other work done.



Introducing: Leap 2 Leadership

The Proven 5 Step Process That Will Help Your Managers Gain Leadership Skills Quickly, Easily and Effectively To Lead Your Work Force to New Heights


The Virtual Bootcamp is offered in 5 learning modules. Each module includes live interactive facilitation, plus video, downloadable tools, skill-building exercises and the opportunity to apply the content immediately on the job during the progression of each module.

Experience engaging online learning while applying new skills at work. The process includes:


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5 On-Demand Modules with Video Practice

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2 Optional Telephone Coaching Sessions with a Professional Coach

3 - personalized assessment.jpg

Personalized Management Style Assessment

4 - dowloadable tools.jpg

Downloadable Tools and Templates

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Leadership Development Application Plan

Module 1: KNOW YOURSELF FIRST– Why It's Critical to Know How Your Management Strengths and Challenges Are Impacting Those You Lead Now


Module 1 - course materials.pngAt the end of this module, you will be clear about your unique management style and how you naturally interact with others. You will discover:
  • How the 4 different behavioral styles in the workplace respond to different motivators
  • What's important to you as a manager, and how other styles are responding to you now
  • Your management strengths, challenges, motivators and stressors as a manager
  • Specific tips for working with your own manager's style preferences, and what you need to do to gain your manager's buy-in
You will receive:
  • Everything DiSC® Management Profile: Learn about your natural tendencies as a manager and how you can use that knowledge when leading others
  • Working with Your Manager Report: Identify specific techniques to build better rapport with your manager and gain his or her support
  • Leadership Development Plan: Articulate your action items for applying everything you learn in this course into the Leadership Development Plan. We will begin it in this module and build on it as we continue through the course.
  • Live Virtual Application Session:  (For Virtual Bootcamp Attendees Only).  This live virtual web session will be conducted by one of our professional facilitator/coaches to help walk you through the interpretation of your Management Profile report.  As a result, you will be able to target your key strengths and development opportunities to lead with greater confidence and skill.

Module 2:  ADAPT YOUR STYLE TO OTHERS – How to Better Communicate With, Develop and Motivate Your Staff


module-2-Adapt - 234x300.pngEmployees are sending us messages all the time about their own style, what motivates them and what their hot buttons are. But unless we know how to identify their styles we won't recognize the messages. In this module you will learn how to identify the styles of other people, and how to adapt your approach to leading them in a variety of situations.

You will discover:
  • The 2 questions that will help you quickly and easily identify the DiSC style of any other person, so that you will know how you need to lead them differently
  • Your natural approach to the key actions you must take to lead and manage your team: Directing, Delegating, Motivating and Developing others. Knowing your tendencies will help you identify your strengths and development needs and how you can be most effective.
  • What specific techniques you must use to adapt to each employee's DiSC style. You'll gain confidence in your ability to read people and know how to respond to them differently.
You will receive:
  • Your Own Personalized Reference Guide to Lead Others More Effectively. There are 3 additional reports included in this Guide that provide specific tips and techniques based on your natural tendencies and the style of the person you are leading, as follows:
    • Directing and Developing Report. This will show you how to adapt your approach to someone when they have more experience, or less experience, based on their DiSC style.
    • Motivation Report. Identify the type of environment you naturally create around you and then learn strategies for motivating each unique employee you lead.
    • Developing Others Report. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of your unique approach to developing others, with specific strategies for developing each employee most effectively.

Module 3:  KEY COMMUNICATION SKILLS - The Specific, Tactical Skills Needed to Coach Others Effectively


module-3-Coach Others-263x300.pngProven, effective coaching skills must be incorporated into the coaching process in order for it to have a powerful impact. How a manager expresses their thoughts, ideas and inquiries can make a huge difference in how the employee will respond. Here, you will learn and practice the key skills that will help you move from a "good" communicator to being a "great" communicator. These skills will be essential to apply in the last two modules of this bootcamp. You will discover:
  • The 1 Foundational Principle that is your strongest tool to build a connection to each employee and truly engage them
  • The 3 Power Skills that help you communicate with clarity while building rapport at the same time
  • The Communication Framework for Coaching, and when to use each skill during a coaching process for maximum impact and results
You will receive:
  • Key Communication Skills Tip Sheet, for summarizing each skill to better apply it on the job.
  • Live Virtual Application Session:  (For Virtual Bootcamp Attendees Only):  This live virtual web session will be conducted by one of our professional facilitator/coaches to discuss progress made to date on your Leadership Development Plan.  The utilization of all reports provided in previous modules will be discussed.  This session will also provide additional practice around the Key Communication Skills addressed in this module.

Module 4:  COACHING TO ENGAGE AND IMPROVE PERFORMANCE – How to Coach for Lasting Impact and Enhanced Employee Ownership


module-4-Coaching to Engage-263x300.pngYour ability to address performance problems in a way that motivates the employee while also changing and improving performance is an essential skill many managers don't have.

In this module, you will move beyond "old style management" to using the communication skills and strategies that inspire exceptional performance, all the time, any time.

You will discover:
  • How the 7 Step Performance Coaching Process generates employee buy-in and desire to improve for almost any situation you encounter
  • How to incorporate the Key Communication Skills into the 7 Step Process to ensure optimum clarity and receptivity.
  • How to effectively address resistance, conflict and defensiveness during the coaching conversation
You will receive:
  • 7 Step Performance Coaching Implementation Planner, to help you prepare for and implement highly effective coaching sessions in the future
  • Skill Practice video simulation exercise to apply the 7 step coaching model
  • Tip sheet for adapting the coaching discussion with each DiSC® style to develop trust, enhance rapport and encourage superior performance

Module 5:  PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – How Targeted Coaching Tied to Annual Goals Can Exponentially Improve Results


module-5-Targeted Coaching-263x300.pngMost managers know they need set goals and turn in annual performance reviews, but coaching throughout the year towards those goals is usually the weakest, yet most important, link.

This module will address why targeted coaching throughout the year is so critical, why it usually doesn't happen enough, and the steps you can take that will dramatically impact your ability to help your employees achieve their objectives.

You will discover:
  • One simple step the vast majority of managers overlook that can impact your employee's performance the most
  • How to encourage employee buy-in and ownership during each phase of the performance management cycle
You will receive:
  • SMART Goal-Clarification Worksheet to clarify one's own annual goals
  • SMART Goal-Planning Worksheet to develop an employee's goals
  • Communication Process Step-by-Step Guide for coaching and communication during all phases of performance management
  • Live Virtual Application Session (for Virtual Bootcamp Attendees Only):  This live virtual web session will be conducted by one of our professional facilitator/coaches to discuss progress made on your Leadership Development Plan, and provide additional skill practice exercises for performance coaching.

Results from Hundreds of Our Leadership Development Clients


When asked "How would you compare this leadership program to other training experiences they have had":

84% of participants indicate this is "superior to other programs" or "the best I've taken".

When asked "To what degree do you think this program can increase the effectiveness of a person in your position?":

  • 90% of participants believe this experience will increase their effectiveness on the job 30% or more
  • Over 60% of participants believe this experience will increase their effectiveness on the job 50% or more

An independent study was done to measure the effectiveness of our leadership programs 12-18 months after the participants completed it. It was found that 80% of participants are still applying the information learned over one year after they completed the program. This is due to our high impact learning design and reinforcement process.

We don't believe that the best learning is an event. We believe it's an ongoing process of learning, reinforcement and consistent application. This profoundly powerful leadership program can deliver even better results than you may have experienced in the traditional classroom… in a fast, targeted and highly applicable way.

Our Guarantee


We know that the Leap 2 Leadership Virtual Program will bring new insights and techniques to propel you forward as a leader of people. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact this program can have for your development, we will refund your tuition 100% within the first 30 days.

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5 On Demand Video Modules

Personalized Management Style Assessment

Downloadable Tools and Templates

Leadership Development Application Plan









LEAP 2 LEADERSHIP eLearning Courseware with Coaching Assistance


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5 On Demand Video Modules

Personalized Management Style Assessment

Downloadable Tools and Templates

Leadership Development Application Plan

1 Telephone Session with a Professional Coach During the 5 Week Process

Personalized Development Plan included in Coaching Sessions



 LEAP 2 LEADERSHIP eLearning Courseware with Ongoing Coaching Support

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5 On Demand Video Modules

Personalized Management Style Assessment

Downloadable Tools and Templates

Leadership Development Application Plan

2 Telephone Sessions with a Professional Coach During the 5 Week Process

6 Months of Ongoing Email Support from Your Professional Coach

Personalized Development Plan included in Coaching Sessions


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