Managing Performance Discussions

One of the most difficult conversations a manager must ever have with an employee is coaching them when a performance problem exists. Many managers put this discussion off altogether, or handle it ineffectively. As a result, the employee never gets the coaching needed, and performance does not improve. This course is designed to help a manager learn effective strategies for coaching someone else to improve performance.

The Managing Performance Discussions course is availabe in the following formats:

  1. Traditional Instructor-Led Classroom. This course can be customized for your organization and delivered by a facilitator to employees at your location. 

  2. Self-Paced Elearning Course. This course is available to any individual at any time.  It includes a Learning Assessment with Certificate of Completion.

  3. Live Online Course.  This course is delivered by a facilitator over the internet.  It is highly interactive and ideal for geographically dispersed participant groups.


Participants Comments:

“This class really helped me. The Skill Practices put it all together”.

“Great class. I really liked having a structured process to follow.”

“I used to avoid having difficult conversations with my staff. Now I feel it won’t be that hard after all!”

“I wished I had this course when I first became a manager.” 


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