Managing Performance Discussions

One of the most difficult conversations a manager must ever have with an employee is coaching them when a performance problem exists. Many managers put this discussion off altogether, or handle it ineffectively. As a result, the employee never gets the coaching needed, and performance does not improve. This course is designed to help a manager learn effective strategies for coaching someone else to improve performance.

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Program Length: 1/2 to 1 Day

Major Topics:

First Half-Day

  • What Employees Really Want from Their Jobs
  • Key Communication Skills needed to enhance clarity and understanding
  • How to Praise Effectively
  • Coaching when a Performance Problem Exists
  • Examining the Source of the Problem

Second Half-Day

  • Identifying One’s Own Behavioral Style when Managing Others
  • How to Identify the Employee’s Behavioral Style
  • Methods for Adapting One’s Approach to Each Style During a Performance Discussion
  • Strategies to Use and Avoid with Each Style during a Performance Discussion
Benefits to the Organization:
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Encourage employees to be more accountable
  • Develop a feedback culture
  • Enhance morale
Benefits To The Individual:
  • Recognize what inspires people to perform effectively
  • Understand the hidden “hot buttons” to avoid when discussing performance issues with different individuals
  • Discuss performance issues in a way that is most motivating to each employee
  • Develop comfort and confidence in the coaching process

This program utilizes a DiSC® Personal Profile assessment and report.

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