Managing Performance Discussions - Live Instructor-led Virtual Course

One of the most difficult conversations a manager must ever have with an employee is coaching them when a performance problem exists. Many managers put this discussion off altogether, or handle it ineffectively. As a result, the employee never gets the coaching needed, and performance does not improve. This course is designed to help a manager learn effective strategies for coaching someone else to improve performance.

Our on-line Managing Performance Discussions program provides a blended learning process, which requires no travel and can be completed in condensed, spaced time periods. Blending live on-line instruction sessions with interactive self-paced review modules, this courseware combines maximum learning and instructional flexibility with minimum schedule impact.

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Program Length: This is an on-line instructor-led learning process, consisting of 2 on-line instructor-led sessions scheduled at least one month apart, and an on-line self-paced module.

During this Program, Participants can Expect to:
  • Recognize methods for communication which improve productivity
  • Learn and practice techniques to address performance issues effectively
After this Program, Participants Will Be Equipped to:
  • Communicate in a way that reduces misunderstandings
  • Address performance problems effectively
  • Encourage a committed, engaged workforce

Managing Performance Discussions Program Process:

Session 1: Key Skills for Performance Coaching Discussions

Time: 90 Minute On-Line Instructor-Led Session

This session addresses the key communication skills for coaching others effectively. A 7-step process for addressing performance issues is addressed, and each participant creates an Action Plan for addressing issues with an employee.

Session 2: Managing Performance Discussions

Time: 60-90 Minute On-Line Self-Paced Course

This highly interactive on-line self-paced course builds skills in communicating and managing performance discussions effectively. Participants must conduct a simulated role-play. This course is to be completed before Session 3.

Session 3: Reinforcement Session

Time: 60 Minute On-Line Instructor-Led Session

This session is held at least 21 days after Session 1, and is designed to reinforce participant’s transfer of learning to the job. The success of each participant’s Action Plan is addressed, with tips for overcoming performance discussion challenges.

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