Why Blended Learning Solutions?

To achieve real and lasting results, learning needs to be more than a one-time event. It needs to be a continual learning process that helps the learner establish new skills and behaviors over time. It begins with a clear understanding of your key learning objectives, and well-planned strategy for executing them. Then the appropriate blend of learning methodologies and resources are utilized, with a key focus on reinforcement and transfer of learning back to the job.

Desired Outcomes for your Management and Leadership Training from Quantum Learning Solutions, Inc.NexaLearning utilizes four powerful components to create a blended learning solution designed to meet your objectives. Each solution is customized to best fit your desired outcome, your organization and your participant group.

1) Assess Needs

We can provide organizational or group needs assessments to help us quantify the performance gap, and measure results. Many of our programs utilize self-assessment profiles or 360-degree feedback in the learning program. Our objective is to partner with you to provide the resources and processes that will best meet your needs.

2) Learn

Based on your key objectives, we provide a learning design that may use a variety of learning modes:

We frequently blend each of these modalities to create the most effective learning solution for long-term application and results.

3) Practice

Each program involves the creation of an individualized Action Plan by each participant. This plan addresses the participant's targeted needs for development, and strategy for implementation back on the job.

Participants are provided opportunities to practice the skills and behaviors addressed in the program during, after, and between sessions. The use of specialized application tools and resources are also incorporated for on-the-job transfer and practice.

4) Reinforce

We believe that reinforcement is a key component to lasting behavior change, and utilize a variety of reinforcement tools and processes. Some of these include the use of online self-paced courseware or tools, peer coaching and structured management support. We also provide coaching services to help participants implement their action plans and personal objectives.

The Results

You'll significantly increase skills and productivity... in less time and with less cost than traditional corporate training and development programs.

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