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Optimism at Work

Susan Cullen, President of NexaLearning. was a guest speaker on the "Let's Talk Sales to Increase Your Income with Len and Jack" radio show sponsored on Voice America.  She discussed research behind Learned Optimism and shared techniques with listeners that anyone can use now.

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Time and Priority Management - NexaLearning

Time and Priority Management

This is a subject that will be of interest to both seasoned sales vets and rookies, as well as listeners in general.  We all face the same daily dilemma: too much to do and not enough time to do it.  Time management concerns how we resolve that dilemma.  Time, not activities, is the limiting factor.  Susan Cullen, President of NexaLearning will be interviewed on the "Let's Talk Sales with Len and Jack" radio show to discuss these issues.

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