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Coaching for Sales Managers - eLearning

Coaching for Sales Managers

In this course you will identify and practice five (5) keys to your sales coaching success. We'll offer several important coaching tips that you can blend easily into your every day routine with your sales team.

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Customer Focused Sales Interview eLearning

Customer Focused Sales Interviews

Learn professional sales interviewing techniques that will help you establish credibility, qualify opportunities more effectively, and discover a prospect's important business needs. 

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Customer Focused Presentations eLearning.jpg

Customer Focused Presentations

Learn how to best address the prospect's needs, wants, goals, and priorities during a sales presentation. There is a big difference between conducting a "presentation" versus a Customer Focused Presentation.

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Establishing Credibility and Trust for Sales eLearning.jpg

Establishing Credibiity and Trust for Sales

Establishing positive credibility and trust allows sales people a better opportunity to create longer term business relationships. This course will discuss what you can do to build trust and confidence with your clients.

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Gaining Commitments to Action-Closing eLearning.jpg

Gaining Commitments to Action/Closing

 In this course we will discuss a variety of techniques for gaining little commitments from a prospect to advance the sale - what to do if the prospect says "no thanks" and how to overcome objections when closing. 

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Introduction to Sales - Sales Professionals Make the Difference eLearning

Introduction to Sales - Sales Professionals Make the Difference

This introductory course is intended to set the stage so you can sharpen your selling skills to become even more effective. Customer Focused Selling is not training for the sake of training. 

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Overcoming All Objections eLearning.jpg

Overcoming All Objections

This course presents a process for dealing with objections and complaints so you can be effective and keep client relationships positive. 

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Prospecting to Create Interest eLearning.jpg

Prospecting to Create Interest

In this course, you will learn how to leverage your past success and use a system to identify, classify, and approach high level people and new opportunities. 

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Questions are the Answer for Sales eLearning.jpg

Questions Are the Answer for Sales

Learn examples of good questions you can use immediately to get information you need. Find the difference between open-ended and closed-ended questions - when to use them. 

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Territory and Account Management.jpg

Territory and Account Management

Learn the skills to: define your territory, understand your customer base, prioritize your clients and prospects. You will also learn a four-step method for managing and how to protect your territory.

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Understanding Behavioral Styles eLearning.jpg

Understanding Behavioral Styles for Sales

This course shows you how to recognize different behavior patterns, and develop adaptive skills that increase your ability to communicate successfully with others.

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Reinforcing Your Understanding of Behavioral Styles eLearning.jpg

Reinforcing Your Understanding of Behavioral Styles for Sales

Shortened version of Understanding Behavioral Styles for Sales - learn how to recognize and adapt to the four different behavioral styles.

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win-win negotiation eLearning.jpg

Win-Win Negotiations

Review the strategies behind some common negotiation tactics and learn to recognize the pitfalls that you can avoid. Practice an effective process that will help you get a win/win.

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Sales Training and Development Course Library eLearning.jpg

Sales Training and Development Course Library

This library consists of eleven (11) Sales Training eLearning Courses. You will also receive an Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile.

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