This program is designed to help a newly formed department understand what it needs to do to work more effectively as a team. The need for this program can occur when everyone on the team is new, or an established team has gained new team members. Using hands-on interactive simulation games and an assessment profile, teams gain a clearer sense of direction and responsibilities, while bolstering interpersonal relationships.

Creating Team Synergy - NexaLearningMajor Topics:

  • Creating the team's mission and vision statements
  • Clarifying the key goals of the team
  • Building interpersonal understanding by recognizing each other's DiSC styles
  • Strengthen relationships and get to know each other better
  • Create the team's agreed-upon norms for working together in the future

Each participant in this session will receive the Everything DiSCĀ® Workplace Profile to gain insight into their own preferred behavioral style. A Team View profile is also presented which indicates the DiSC style of each team member.

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