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Customer Focused Interviews

Learn professional sales interviewing techniques that will help you establish credibility and discover a prospect's important business needs.

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Establishing Credibility and Trust for Customer Service eLearning.jpg

Establishing Credibility and Trust for Customer Service

This course will discuss what you can do to intentionally build trust and confidence with your customers.

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Handling Customer Complaints eLearning.jpg

Handling Customer Complaints 

This course presents a process for dealing with objections and complaints so you can be effective and keep client relationships positive.  

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Gaining Commitments to Action-Closing eLearning.jpg

Gaining Commitments to Action/Closing 

We will discuss a variety of techniques for gaining commitments from a prospect to advance the sale. Learn what closing method is most effective with different personality styles. Find out what to do if the prospect says "no thanks" and how to overcome objections when closing. 

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Questions are the Answer for Customer Service eLearning.jpg

Questions Are The Answer for Customer Service 

This course will provide you with examples of good questions that you can use immediately to get the information you need. You will learn the difference between open-ended and closed-ended questions, and when to use them. We'll discuss seven different types of questions and how you can use each one. 

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Understanding Behavioral Styles eLearning.jpg

Understanding Behavioral Styles for Customer Service

Customer Service relationships often depend on "getting off on the right foot". Being able to quickly recognize a person's behavioral style and interact appropriately are critical to this process. Learn how to recognize different behavior patterns, and develop adaptive skills to communicate successfully with others.

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Reinforcing Your Understanding of Behavioral Styles eLearning.jpg

Reinforcing Your Understanding of Behavioral Styles for Customer Service

A shortened version of Understanding Behavioral Styles for Customer Service. Reinforce your understanding of your own behavioral style and use this knowledge to enhance your communication skills. 

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Win-Win Negotiations for Customer Service

In this course we examine the negotiation process and determine the types of negotiations that cause people the most difficulty. We practice an effective negotiation process that will help you and your customer get to a win/win.

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Customer Service Training and Development Course Library

Understand your customer, learn how to put the customer first, and leverage the potential that lies in every person on your team that touches a customer is the winning formula. Library consists of seven (7) Customer Service eLearning Courses. 

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