Understanding individual approaches to group processes is vital to creating high-performance teams. This program helps team members work from their strengths to identify the most natural team role: Creator, Advancer, Refiner, Executor or Flexer. It utilizes the understanding of individual strengths to enhance the innovation process.

Encouraging Innovation in Teams - NexaLearningMajor Topics:

  • Identifying individual approaches to teamwork
  • Efficiently tapping into underutilized natural strengths in daily activities
  • Uncovering the strengths and limitations of the team, based on the distribution of team talents within it
  • How to use the Z-Process for innovation to enhance creative problem solving
  • Creating action plans to reduce individual and team stress and increase team productivity by tapping into the natural talents of the individuals on the team.

Each team member will receive the Team Dimensions ProfileĀ® to learn about their own strengths and stressors during the innovation process. Reference material to understand the Z process to enhance innovation is also included.

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