Leadership Excellence Program

The most effective leaders consistently create a clear path for their own achievement and help their team members do the same. This program helps leaders identify their current state of leadership effectiveness, with a focus on their future career objectives. It also helps them learn how to coach each of their team members to consistenly learn, grow and further develop themselves.


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Leadership Excellence - Quantum Learning Solutions

Benefits You Will Receive

The Leadership Excellence Program has proven its ability to help managers stretch their own development to become a more effective leader. It helps managers:

  • Receive candid feedback (frequently, for the first time) about their strengths and what others would like them to do differently as a leader
  • Enhance satisfaction at work, by focusing on their own career goals and helping their team members do the same
  • Build an engaged, loyal workforce because employees feel their manager and the organization is invested in their growth

What You'll Get

Foundations of Leadership - Quantum Learning Solutions

Classroom Training

A two-day live classroom training program facilitated by an expert  Topics include:

  • Leading in Today's World
  • Personal 360 Feedback Review
  • Developing an Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Coaching Skills to Enhance Employee Development
  • Leading Employees Through their Own IDP Development
  • Leading Others Through Change

Leadership Excellence Course Materials - NexaLearningParticipant Materials

Each participant in the Leadership Excellence program receives the following:

--------------------------- PLUS, REINFORCEMENT RESOURCES AFTER YOUR LIVE TRAINING ---------------------------

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Live Webinars

Two live instructor-led webinars that help reinforce best practices.

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IDP Template

You will receive an Individual Development Plan (IDP) template to use for discussing your own development with your manager, and for your direct reports to discuss with you.

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Progress Review Surveys

30 days after the live class you'll receive a survey to measure what was learned and what was retained.

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Reinforcement Newsletter

Receive tips in your inbox every 2 months for a year.


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Follow Ups

6 months after the live course we'll follow up to evaluate and measure your progress.

Case Studies

When Surveying Participants In the Leadership Excellence Program, we found that:

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The Composite Feedback Score From all Classes Who Participated in The Foundations of Leadership Program Was 4.8 on a 5.0 Scale.

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When participants were asked "How would you compare this program with other traiing experiences yo have had, 93% indicated it was the best or superior to other programs."


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When participants were asked "How would you compare this program with other training experiences yu have had, over 93% indicated it was the best or superior to other programs."

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