Leadership Excellence

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Transforming Ordinary Managers Into Extraordinary Leaders

Whether you are a seasoned supervisor or a newly promoted manager, the Leadership Excellence
 program is designed to develop the fundamental skills needed to lead teams and help
team members achieve higher levels of passion and productivity.

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About This Course

This program helps leaders identify their current state of leadership effectiveness, with a focus on their future career objectives. It also helps them learn how to coach each of their team members to consistently learn, grow and further develop themselves.


A two-day live classroom training program facilitated by an expert.  Topics include:

  • Leading in Today's World
  • Personal 360 Feedback Review
  • Creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Coaching Skills to Enhance Employee Development
  • Leading Employees Through their Own IDP Development
  • Leading Others Through Change

You will discover:

  • Understanding how leadership is changing in today’s
  • Recognizing development options for a variety of
    challenging situations.
  • Benefits from candid 360-degree feedback report.
  • Creating a personalized Individual Development Plan.
  • Learning competencies needed to enhance employee
  • Leading others through change.
  • Conducting development discussions with employees.


This two-day, in-person training is an immersive training method built to ignite passion and productivity in your workforce. Expand to see what else you can expect!

Participant Materials

Each participant in the Leadership Excellence program receives the following:


Our reinforcement resources are designed to establish continued learning, accountability, and collaboration.

Live Webinars

  • Two live instructor-led webinars that help reinforce best practices.

eLearning Review Course

  • You'll receive a self-paced review course to ensure you absorb the trainings.

Progress Review Surveys

  • 30 days after the live class you'll receive a survey to measure what was learned and what was retained.

Reinforcement Newsletter

  • Receive tips in your inbox every 2 months for a year.

Follow Up

  • 6 months after the live course we'll follow up to evaluate and measure your progress.

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