Leadership Development Programs

Self-taught leadership won’t always cut it. NexaLearning is a proven guide that ignites leadership growth and produces lasting impact in the workplace.

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Leadership Development Courses

We will  help to develop and hone your skills using programs that generate long-lasting
results for everyone from highly experienced leaders to newly promoted managers.


Foundations of Leadership Onsite

This proven program helps transform ordinary managers into extraordinary leaders. It develops the key fundamental skills every leader needs to generate passion and productivity on their team.

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Foundations of Leadership Virtual Course Series

Gain the leadership skills you need in this 4-week virtual course series. It combines live virtual classes with on-demand learning and personalized assessment tools. This program is highly interactive, engaging and proven to get results.


Foundations of Leadership Virtual Coaching

Are you an individual looking for your own leadership development? Our Leap to Leadership process is designed to help you learn the key skills you need to lead others. You will be guided through this course with the aid of your own Leadership Training Coach, who will review your assessment report results and help you craft your own individualized Leadership Development Plan.


Leadership Excellence

This course is designed for more experienced managers who are already adept at foundational leadership skills. It helps the leader focus on their future development needs with 360-degree feedback, and learn a proven process for helping their team also achieve their long-term development objectives.


Customized Leadership Programs

Would your organization like to provide a customized program, based on your specific needs and objectives? We can incorporate many of our proven topics into a customized course for you. Our proven process for ongoing reinforcement ensures that your course will have long-lasting effectiveness. You can view our Course Catalog of Topics to include in your customized course, or we can also craft topics from scratch for you.

Customized Employee Retention Program | NexaLearning

Customized Employee Retention Program

Has the Great Resignation impacted your organization and you are looking for ways to better retain your staff? This program provides tools and resources to help managers learn techniques to better engage and then retain employees. It is customized to provide solutions to your organization's unique challenges and/or employee engagement survey findings. Live virtual sessions are provided over 4-6 months with action plans implemented between sessions.

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Facilitator Certification

Would you like your internal facilitators to deliver any of our programs? We can make this available to your organization.


How We Work With You

Describe your key objectives and challenges.

Determine together the best path to meet your objectives.

Provide the learning program in a way that fits your needs.

Apply specific techniques that create a more productive workforce.

Receive an abundance of tools that make your learning stick long-term.

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Self-taught leadership won’t always cut it. NexaLearning is a proven guide that ignites leadership growth and produces lasting impact in the workplace.

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